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All horses are up-to-date on vaccines, worming, teeth, and farrier. Pedigrees supplied upon request.

Cindy (ZGC Cinnamon Ice) Mare
Reg. MFTHBA (blue papered) & ICHO. BD 5/19/05
Parents: DCC Red Ryder X DCC Strawberry Ice

Cindy is a curly-coated, strawberry roan Missouri Fox Trotter. Cindy's sire and dam are both from the Walker Prince T/Curly Jim line of dominant gene curly-coated fox trotters.
Coat is micro-curled year-round, suggesting Cindy may be homozygous for the dominant curly gene.

During the 2007 Witch Creek firestorm, Cindy easily loaded into her horse trailer despite a hurricane-force, smoke- & ash-filled wind and a pitch-black night. She patiently endured a 4-hour trailer ride down the mountain to the Del Mar racetrack with nary a kick. She was later
microchipped for easy identification during emergency evacuations.

Foxtrots under saddle and responds easily to light leg and hand cues. Originally trained by Trainer Ray Spence. Cindy is currently gaining more experience with Trainer Racine Poole.

DNA-tested in 2013. Cindy is homozygous for the DMRT3 gene linked to “gaitedness” in horses. See Andersson LS, et al. Nature vol. 488, Aug. 2012, pp. 642-646.

Cindy has been ultrasounded on multiple occasions to time ovulations/pregnancy. The high level of trust Cindy has in people was demonstrated by the timing of her foal (Sky)’s delivery. Cindy had a ‘text-book’ delivery and post-natal period that started when I went out for my usual lunchtime barn-check. Her foal was fully expelled and trying to stand by 1 pm. The placenta was expelled uneventfully a few minutes later and the foal was nursing before 3 pm. Blood tests the next day confirmed high levels of maternal antibodies in the foal and Cindy was a dedicated mother.

Lady (ZGC First Lady) Mare
Reg. MFTHBA & ICHO. BD 3/3/06. ~15 hh
Heterozygous for the black and cream genes (E/e, N/Cr).
Proven "Lucky Touch" broodmare with no DNA from Walker’s Prince T or Sir Patrick bloodlines. Lady has delivered at least 3 foals that I know of.

Lady is a curly-coated, smokey black and white tobiano. Saddle-broke with trail experience. Gaited. Very gentle. Currently gaining more saddle experience with Trainer Racine Poole.

Lady 4.24.16a
DNA-tested in 2013. Is homozygous for the DMRT3 gene linked to “gaitedness” in horses. See Andersson LS, et al. Nature vol. 488, Aug. 2012, pp. 642-646.

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