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All horses are up-to-date on vaccines, deworming, teeth, and farrier. Pedigrees supplied upon request.

Dragon (WDR Dragonsmoke) Gelding** …"The White Dragon!"
Reg. MFTHBA & ICHO. BD June 4, 2012. ~14.3 hh

Rare, curly-coated, smokey cream, Missouri Fox Trotter with the blue eyes and white coat characteristic of a horse homozygous for the cream gene on a black background. (Looks like a cremello.)

Parentage DNA verified
: ZGC Diego X ZGC Sienna. DNA-Verified Color Genetics: Cr/Cr (homozygous cream dilution), E/e (heterozygous for black).

Summer coat
Dragon inherited his sire’s agility and the gentle, curious, people-friendly personality of both parents. Very smooth gaits. Videos available upon request.

Shown with Trainer Racine Poole
Dragon1 11.30.16
Smooth fox walk and fox trot under saddle. Mellow and eager to please - showing his winter coat.
Dragon2 11.30.16

Diego (ZGC Diego) Gelding
Curly-coated, smokey blue roan.
Reg. MFTHBA & ICHO. BD 6/12/07. ~15 hh.

Gentle disposition. Correct conformation. Variety of square-gaits at liberty. Athletic with good stamina. Curious and people-friendly. Loves being the center of attention.

Diego could be your next horse for endurance, trail riding, or cowboy dressage. Prefers regular trot and running walk. Agile and really thinks about where his hooves are going. Loves new challenges.

Previously a breeding stallion, gelded in 2013. Videos available upon request.

Standing for the farrier with no restraints

Shown with Trainer Racine Poole
Diego4 11.17.16
DNA-tested in 2013. Diego is homozygous for the DMRT3 gene linked to “gaitedness” in horses. See Andersson LS, et al. Nature vol. 488, Aug. 2012, pp. 642-646.

Sky (WDR Skydancer) Mare**
Reg. MFTHBA & ICHO. BD 3/29/12. ~15 hh.
Parentage DNA verified: Sawdust’s Shokenaw X ZGC Cinnamon Ice

Curly-coated, palomino. Excellent confirmation. Gaited. Saddle training in progress.

Summer coat

Leia (WDR Diego’s Princess Leia) Mare**
Reg. MFTHBA & ICHO. BD 8/6/13. Likely to reach ~15 hh.
Parentage DNA verified: ZGC Diego X ZGC First Lady
Curly-coated, black.

Leia is confident, curious, a little pacey, and loves attention. Stout build. Coat is micro-curled year-round, suggesting she may be homozygous for the dominant curly gene.

Spring coat
Leia 4.16.16a

Izzy (ZGC Ysabel) Mare
Reg. MFTHBA. BD 5/22/11.

Izzy is a straight-coated, black and white tobiano mare.
She is heterozygous for black (E/e).

Calm and patient. Gaited. Loves attention. Saddle training in progress.
Izzy 4.24.16a

Izzy 4.24.16c

**Inherited gene for gaitedness from one or both parents.
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